Frequently Asked Questions


We keep our client’s personal information absolutely Confidential. We do not share any of the private information we get through Orders, or contact inquiries. We only use your personal information to complete your Order up till delivery.
Processing is done within 24-72 hours depending on the Order Amount. Shipping takes Average 1 day for USA and Canada clients and 3 days to other Continents. These are estimates which we do not claim to hold true all the time though it does most of the time. We are flexible on delivery terms.
Clients must pay for their Orders and show proof of payment before Production can commence. We do not produce the chemicals we use in producing your Order. We need your Order payment to buy these chemicals and other items.
QuBi is based in USA and most production will be done here. However, we are establishing Production Canters in Europe, Asia and South America. We however, have correspondents doted all over the globe who facilitate our process for out of USA & Canada Clients. Contact us for more details.
We accept any Contemporary payment methods as per our client’s convenience. You can further discuss this with our support.
We guarantee delivery of your Order 100%. We have encountered delivery difficulties in the past limited to delays. Never, has an order got missing. However, if your Order does not arrive within 7 days max, simply contact us at, or via our contact form. We will either refund your money or reproduce your order and ship free of charge. By purchasing Counterfeit Bank Notes with QuBi, you agree to our terms of service and refund policy.
Yes, you can. But this must be done with the consent of the support staff. We prefer to chat business on mail, or whats app or do VoIP call through whats app. This is to avoid being probed or eavesdropped by security agents. Always, contact by mail or whats app prior to a phone call.
We charge 25% of the Order Amount for all currencies. For example, if you Order $2000, you will be charged $500. For more information contact support.


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